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Integrity and Accuracy

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
At Olin we believe in doing the same thing in a diffrent way and achieve Accurate results in a less time: thats tech.

..Who We Are...

Olin Innovations Limited is an acronym for intelligent Design and excellent Development. This is our design philosophy; to approach each projecct with intelligence and the intergrity to devote the proper amount of time and talent to each project in order to deliver an excellent Output.

...Ready to work for you

Olin INNOVATIONS is an ICT firm that cares about our clients, the Technical process,and design plans . If you are looking to change, OLIN INNOVATIONS is ready to team up with you in creating and implement your next successful project. Please contact us.


We value service to money..

After offering our services to our customers, we do a follow up to 3 months for free to see to it that the product we sold to the institutions is serving the purpose it was intended to.

Service to man is service to God.....

Our Responsibility

We are responsible..

We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, our employees, our shareholders, and our world.

You cannot escape tommorrow's responsibility by evading it today..

3 Months Guarantee

"Service to others is rent we pay for our room here on earth" - Muhammad Ali
We offer three months guarantee of free service be it monitoring our information management softwares or any other service offered by the company.

Business & ICT Consultancy

We provides a technology road map to our clients that ensures growth projections of their organaisations which enhances them to acquire that competitive edge over their competitors.


We push the frontiers of everything we do, from technology to design.

JBS School Management System

Is an E-learning and Management in formation system(EMIS) designed for kenya primary and secondary schools to bring efficiency in managing, reporting and communication across the school fraternity (students, teachers and parents), while enhancing the learning process with ICT to foster academic excellence. It's an offline program with and online extension.


Bulk SMS Solution

Accounting Packages

Administration Module

Time Tabling Software

Stores Management Software

Exam Processing Software (academics)

CCTV Installation Services

We specialize in high definition CCTV from our entry level anlog AHD CCTV systems to our full HD systems. Our experts will help you get the best system for your requirements and budget.

Our Team is compised of highly technical personnel who will analyze your security needs and offer the best CCTV solution in your home or business premise.


Easy To Maintain

Easy To Control, No Special Skill Required

Monitor Your Business/ Home Activities at any Time and Place

Backip of Footage for Reference

Technical Sipport Available on Demand

Biometric Time Attendance System

Our System is a computer made program to ease the security, access control and time management solutions of an institution by managing biometric fingerprint devices installed for user-clocking in the institution.

Having the devices connected to the institution's L.A.N, the software will manage unlimited number of devices connected to it through Ethernet Connection.


Unlimited Devices

Unlimited Registers

Mange Unlimited Users

Smart Reports

User-Define Reports

Send SMS Notifications

Request For Service

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