Our System is a computer made program to ease the security, access control and time management solutions of an institution by managing biometric fingerprint devices installed for user-clocking in the institution. Having the devices connected to the institution's L.A.N, the software will manage unlimited number of devices connected to it through Ethernet Connection.

Automated Report

This is a solution to all attendance questions about the school population... Reports like students who are present or absent, those who were late, attendance trend for staff over a week, month or whatever period I want, and more. I can query any report I need from this system.

SMS Notification

Whenever a student leaves the school or arrives, it is very vital that the parent gets a notification SMS for them to be sure of the whereabouts of the student. JBS Attendance efficiently fulfills this requirement.

Unlimited Registers

The great thing with JBS Attendance is that you can manage any number of fingerprint devices you have in your institution. This allows you to have different registers operational through the system at the same time, for instance Check In and Check Out for staff, daily class registers for students and dining hall tracking

System Features

SMS Integration

Yes those necessary notifications to parents are well taken care of.

Unlimited Devices

Connect unlimited number of devices through Ethernet on your L.A.N

Register To Device

Once you have user data in the system, register them into your devices by one click.

Import From MS Excel

Import users' data from MS Excel files for easy start-off.

Export To MS Excel

Nedd more analysis or integration to other systems? Exprrt data in the system to Ms Excel.


Import From JBS

Using JBS system in your schoool? JBS Attendance will read students and staff data from it.

Import From Device

Have existing devices? Read user data from the devices, no typ9ing again.

Smart Reports

We've provided enough controls to define the report you need from the system.